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How to Maintain Margins in a Cost-Cutting Market

MedTech is one of the most innovative industries in the world. In 2012, over 10,000 patent applications were filed with the European Patent Office. Because of the highly competitive nature of this field, each company must face the challenge of justifying the price of their product and how to position their new products on the market.

Companies have two choices to market this expense: lower the price of their product or demonstrate its value. Read more about how three companies effectively demonstrated the clinical and economic values of their medical technology to market decision makers.

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Qmed Community
We have listened and acted upon the wishes and needs of hospitals, study coordinators, and investigators. The result is the creation of the Qmed Community. An invitation-only website containing exactly what the hospital team wants electronically filed and shared with its clinical study team members and constitutes a single point of entry for the entire clinical study team, ensuring access to the same templates, guidelines, and hospital-specific documents.
Keeping up with Denmark

Dear pharmaceutical & medical device companies,

Did you know that it is your responsibility to inform Danish healthcare professionals that they are required to seek permission and notify the Danish Health & Medicines Authority when they enter any kind of collaboration with you? This is not limited to services in Denmark. It includes receiving grants and sponsorships for professional events abroad.

Until recently, the transparency regarding the collaboration between Danish healthcare professions and industry professionals has been limited. The new regulation, passed by the Danish Parliament in 2014 requires the publication of individual information regarding the details of the collaboration. Click on the button below to access the English brochure and learn more about this new regulation.

Case Study: Investigator-Initiated Study
An investigator-initiated study is challenging for both the investigator and the CRO, as there is no industrial partner to assist with the planning, preparation and review of the comprehensive documentation required. Read the Qmed Consulting case study that involves one investigator’s fascinating opportunity to set up and run a trial for a very specialized group of patients with limited treatment options. The collaboration of medical excellence and industrial experience led to a win-win situation. The investigator was able to delegate all planning and maintenance tasks to Qmed Consulting so that they could focus their expertise on patient care and innovative assessments of new treatments in clinical trials.
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EU Authorized Representative
Qmed Consulting will successfully represent you in the EU. We will help you and your team to communicate efficiently with national EU authorities and ensure your compliance with the EU regulations.
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From all of us at Qmed, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season and all our best wishes for the New Year!
From idea to revenue, Qmed Consulting is your partner for medical device CRO services.
CER Trainer
Qmed´s Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) training stats for 2014:
Auditing CERs: 3 Company audits and 1 NB audit
CER training: 4 NB trainings and 7 company trainings
Technical expert reviews: 3
Click to view a Qmed CER Trainer:
For those who missed the excellent article "We Need More Women in Tech: Meet Some of the Women Leading the Charge" by Derek Khanna in Forbes magazine, here is your chance to catch up on this groundbreaking trend.
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